Why work for us?

Our culture is based on trust, flexibility and values. As part of growing global organization, we encourage creativity and innovation. We strive for a balance between work and life. We are committed to giving back to the communities in which we do business through our time and our talent. We encourage healthy living and healthy lifestyles and provide the support to help our employees and their family members get there. We believe happy, healthy employees are productive employees. Sure, some days may be long, but then again, no one ever said excellence was easy.

Ours is a culture where teamwork, collaboration and support are commonplace …. where when it’s time to pitch in, we do. Ours is an environment that integrates company values with employee needs. The members of our team are more than just dedicated, determined and compassionate individuals, they are the reason for our success and the promise for our future.


We Help People Help Themselves Worldwide

The generosity of our workforce knows no bounds. Through the potent combination of our global organization, Knorr-Bremse Global Care e.V. , and our focused Local Cares programs in the communities in which we do business, our employees helps individuals who are in need as a result of environmental catastrophes, accidents, armed conflict, poverty or disease. Through a focus on educational and infrastructure projects, as well as direct aid to those most in need, our efforts provide new prospects and put people in a position where they can support themselves again.


We Share A Long-term Commitment To Protecting Our Planet

Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs is more than just goodwill, it’s good sense. Sustainability is embedded into every aspect of our business ... it’s grounded in a common and powerful global commitment to minimizing the environmental impacts of our business. For us, sustainability is not just a word. It’s what helps drive our operational efficiency; spawns innovation; and satisfies the expectations of our customers, our employees, and the global community. Our approach to environmental sustainability is to:

  • Affect how we operate as a company.
  • Create efficiencies and innovations in our products
  • Provide environmentally conscious solutions to our customers
  • Collaborate with customers, industry groups, governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and employees to address global environmental issues