About Us

New York Air Brake was founded in 1876 to build air brakes for the railroads.  Over the 125 years since, we've built armaments for the World Wars, hydraulic pumps for the space race, transmissions for heavy equipment, and over a million brake valves.


Through the years, some things have remained the same:

  • To our customers, we are a technology partner working hand in hand with them to improve their operations, and a company with well-defined product vision and a dedication to making our products work.   


  • To the hometown of our headquarters, we are 'The Air Brake Company' where four generations have worked to design and build the best air brakes in the world, and a source of pride as an American manufacturer serving the world.  


  • To our employees, we have the daily challenge to apply technology to the thorny problem of stopping a 23,000 ton freight train and a long-term commitment to the highest standards of engineering and manufacturing.


  • To our parent company, Knorr Bremse, we are the provider of the leading braking technology for freight markets in 26 countries around the world.